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The Complete Facebook Marketing Course

The Complete Facebook Marketing Course

The Complete Facebook Marketing Course

Access the Full course here: http://www.diegodavila.com/facebookmarketing

The Complete Facebook Marketing Course.

Welcome to the course! You are about to start learning the best strategies to take your Facebook Page to the next level! Strategies that you can implement immediately on your Facebook Page.

You will learn how to create a Facebook Page, (if you have one, I’ll show you how to optimized it), how to choose the best keywords for your Facebook Page to guarantee that you are reaching the right audience, we’ll write an optimized description for your Facebook page with all the relevant keywords.

You will also learn how to guarantee that ALL your followers see all your Facebook Posts (this is the ONLY way to guarantee that), how to create a professional Facebook Page cover image, how to install Free Facebook Apps on your Page that can help you to integrate YouTube and Instagram with your Facebook Page.

And much more!

Access the Full course here: http://www.diegodavila.com/facebookmarketing
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How to Actually Get Organic Traffic on Facebook - Marketing Essentials

There are way too many videos on the internet that claim to help you get more organic reach on Facebook. The problem is that most of them tell you to spend a small amount of money to boost the post, which will lead Facebook to give it more organic reach. But, that’s a stupid answer to the question. If I needed advice to do ads I would watch a video about ads, not about organic reach. Here is how to actually get more organic reach on Facebook!

(NOTE: This video was created before Facebook released Live to Android users. Also, Android users in Israel still do not have Live.)

Now that you know how to grow organically, learn how to master Facebook advertising: http://courses.ratzpackmedia.com/courses/facebook-ads-mastery

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