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Social Media Marketing Facebook vs. Twitter

Social Media Marketing Facebook vs. Twitter

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Are you wondering if you should be using social media marketing for twitter or Facebook or both? In this video I tell you about Social Media Marketing Facebook vs. Twitter. I give you some tips for which network you should be using and why.

If you have always wondered about the differences between twitter and Facebook for social media marketing then this video is for you.

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In this video tutorial I present an advanced hashtag marketing strategy that anyone can use. To implement this strategy you need to have a WordPress website or the ability to regularly post Tweets with a few specific hashtags. If you have a WordPress website you can use a plugin that I use called the Revive Old Posts WordPress plugin. What it does is auto-tweet your old posts. And you can set the hashtags the plugin should add to your tweets.

As this plugin (or you manually or with a tool like Buffer) tweet using specific hashtag, you will begin to gain authority within that hashtag, and you will begin to have your tweets show up more frequently in the searches for that hashtag.

The key to this strategy it to choose a small set of hashtags that you want to target, and then tweet with those hashtags on a regular basis. You can boost this strategy by being able to get retweets and people favoriting your tweets. If you can get a lot of social engagement on your Tweets, you will do better in hashtags, and that will lead to more Twitter followers, and more traffic to your website or sales of a product you want to sell.

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