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How Often Should You Update Your Blog in 2017? – Content Marketing Tips

How Often Should You Update Your Blog in 2017? – Content Marketing Tips

Do you know how often you should update your blog in 2017? The statistics here will truly surprise you at how frequently the best companies are updating their blog.

You are probably already aware of the fact that inbound marketing through writing quality content is one of the most effective ways to generate more website traffic and therefore more subscribers, leads and active clients to your business.

In this short video I am going to answer the question of how often you should be adding content to your blog for SEO, engagement and ultimately more sales.

One of the key mantra’s for inbound marketing is to blog often, and the reasons for this are compelling and the research is even more eye opening.

The main reasons as to why you and your team should be writing new blog posts regularly is to provide the greatest opportunity for higher search engine rankings, more social media shares and, providing you write quality content, you are likely to gain more links from authority sites online.

But when it comes to bottom line results, the reality is your company will be able to generate more traffic which results in more email subscribers, resulting in more engagement and ultimately more sales.

Here are some stats from hubspot painting a pretty powerful reason for you and your team to blog more frequently. Watch the video for the full results from Hubspots analysis. I was quite amazed.

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