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affiliate marketing in India and earn money between 40000 to 50000 Rupees

affiliate marketing in India and earn money between 40000 to 50000 Rupees

affiliate marketing in India and earn money between 40000 to 50000 Rupees

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this is Ahad azam i today i will tech you how to make money online without affiliate marketing and affiliate program
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Yes, you read it right. I made approx Rs 25,000/- from Flipkart Affiliate in just 30 days and below you can see the proof in my Flipkart Affiliate account Screenshot. In this is post I will share with you how I made this money from Flipkart and how you can also replicate the same success step-by-step and make money from Flipkart affiliate for yourself.

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Flipkart is a leading ecommerce company in India and offers variety of products from clothes to electronics, all under one roof. I am sure most of you might have ordered something from, or at least browsed through Flipkart’ shopping website; at one point or another. So far you might have know Flipkart only as a way to spend your money, now let me show you a way to earn money from Flipkart. YES you can earn money from an online shopping site. There are various ways how you can earn money from Flipkart and I will share all of them with you in this post. I make money from Snapdeal Affiliate too
This post is for both types of users, those who already have a Flipkart affiliate account, and also those of you who are complete newbie to this game. For those of you who don’t have a Flipkart affiliate account, check step 3, where I have added a detailed step by step video explaining how you can create your own Flipkart affiliate account. After watching that, all of us will be on same page, so now that all of us have a Flipkart affiliate account, let’s jump into the game.

1. Become a Seller on Flipkart
Have something to sell, put it on Flipkart. Yes you too can sell your products on Flipkart. By product I don’t means household items. For selling those, you have olx.in. Here I am referring to those of you who are interested in being a businessmen/businesswomen.

There are two ways to find what to sell on Flipkart. 1st is if you already have a product, which you manufacture or make yourself, like handicraft items, clothes, jewellery, fashion accessories and much more, then Flipkart is the place you can sell them.
2nd option is for those who don’t have any product of your own, procure something! There are tons and tons of products out there that are selling at cheaper prices elsewhere, you can procure these products and them upsell them on Flipkart.
Once you have procured the item, you can set your own selling price for it, and add it to Flipkart. This is a cool way to make money, since you will not have to spend anything at all in promoting your product. Flipkart will manage all the advertising. I have helped individuals in making 4 figure profits from their sales on Flipkart. If your product clicks with the audience, sky is the limit to your earning potential via Flipkart.

The process to become a seller on Flipkart is quite straightforward:

Step 1: Register on Flipkart as a seller

Step 2: Provide all information related to the product you want to sell on Flipkart

Step 3: Wait until your application is manually processed and approved

Step 4: Once application is approved, you can list your products on Flipkart

Step 5: Make sales, and earn profit

2. Become Affiliate of Flipkart
Becoming an affiliate means you will be helping Flipkart make more money. In turn Flipkart will share with you certain % of its profits. This is the simplest way you can make money from Flipkart. All you need to do is help Flipkart find more and more buyers. When you do so and Flipkart makes a sale, it will then share certain profit margin with you for helping it in getting the sale.

As Flipkart has huge range of products, it has classified its products into categories, like electronics, books, clothing… and so on. Affiliate commission of each category is specified by Flipkart from time to time. The commission percentage can be found in your affiliate account under commission tab; usually it ranges from 1% to 15% of the selling price.

Once your Flipkart Affiliate account is in place, next step is research work. For achieving maximum success it is essential that you choose the categories on which you want to focus. You need to decide whether you want to promote all Flipkart categories or you want to focus only on some of them. Here are a few tips to help you take this decision:

Your interest can help you determine which products you will be most comfortable promoting. If you have interest in particular category of products you should choose to work with them, as you will have more knowledge and experience with them. This will enable you to sell those products to others too. E.g. If you have interest in fashion, work with clothes, accessories, and similar categories.

Your skill set is another key indicator that will help you determine which category to work with.

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If you’re trying to get into the affiliate marketing business, watch this video. It reveals what I would do If I had to start over from scratch in 2016. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete affiliate marketer dummy, or have a little bit of skill, this tutorial is for you! Subscribe and share!

I specifically talk about Amazon.com affiliate marketing in this video, but it can be applied to all niches/topics/networks.

Here are the steps for beginners to follow:

1) Pick a niche – preferably a hobby you are highly interested. This is true as long as the hobby is a mass market hobby. In this video, I use martial arts as an example.

2) Create a good website filled with content related to your hobby, including products you recommend and free content/tutorials for your website.

3) Buy all the products you are promoting as an affiliate, and personally review the products on a video.

4) Upload that video to youtube.

5) Create Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus pages to promote your blog and youtube videos.

Repeat this process until your websites and videos start getting ranked on search engines like Google.

Keep the momentum going!
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